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Dave Hunt, David Lowe (Author of Earthquake Resurrection), Mike Gendron, and Chuck Missler at the 2005 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference in Irving, Texas

         The 2005 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference in Irving, TX provided excellent exposure for Earthquake Resurrection: Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe. Before leaving for the conference, I decided as almost an afterthought that I should bring along a few copies of Earthquake Resurrection in case I was able to talk with a few people who were interested in the book. I had also prepared 60 CD ROM's containing information about the book which were to be given away free of charge.
         When I arrived at the conference, I asked one of the administrators whether I could place my free CD's on one of the tables which had a "Free Items" sign on it. She said "absolutely", and so I did so.
Eventually, I learned that anyone there could set up a book display on the tables, so I went to the truck and brought in some of my books, postcards, and bookmarks, along with the CD's. To the right is a picture of my display at the conference.
         Who was at the conference? Many of the most recognized names of Bible prophecy, including Chuck Missler, David Larsen, Mark Hitchcock, Randall Price, Donald Perkins, Joseph Chambers, Zola Levitt, Dave Hunt, Mike Gendron, Phillip Goodman, Arno Froese, George Gunn, Ergun Caner, Arnold Fructenbaum, Terry James, Ed Hindson, Tim Lahaye, Jimmy DeYoung, Tommy Ice, Joe VanKoevering, and David Reagan. Many of these gentlemen spoke at the conference on a variety of topics, including the revived Roman Empire and the European Union, current events in Israel, Islamic eschatology, the end-time apostacy of the church, the identity of Babylon in Revelation 17-18, and the battle of Gog and Magog. However, the best presentation by far, in my opinion, was the George Gunn's "2 Thessalonians 2:13: A Rapture Passage?".
Gunn made a compelling case that there is hidden within that verse a reference to a pre-70th week of Daniel catching up of believers, using Greek word studies and analysis of the use of the Greek soteria in the Septuagint and the New Testament.
         Another noteworthy presentation was the headline speaker of the conference, former Muslim Ergun Caner. This man is a dynamic public speaker, and kept the audience captive with laughs and serious commentary on Islamic eschatology, all the while challenging the conference attendees to stand up for Jesus Christ boldly before the right to do so is taken away. A poignant moment was a prayer led by Tim Lahaye with Ergun Caner and Arnold Fructenbaum, pictured at the right, at the end of the banquet on the first night.
         Overall, the conference was a great experience. I was able to give a copy of my book to Chuck Missler, George Gunn, Phillip Goodman, and Donald Perkins, who all said the Earthquake Resurrection model sounded interesting and that they would read the book. It is my prayer that these men of God will read and understand the book, and begin to spread the word about it.
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