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  Book Review by RNU...

FRONT COVEREarthquake Resurrection
Supernatural Catalyst for the Coming Global Catastrophe

By David W. Lowe
Genre: Eschatology, Prophecy
ISBN: 1-4116-3970-7

By Thomas Horn
Senior RNN Reporter

Sisters, Oregon (RNN) - The back cover of a new book by David Lowe says that a model for future events that could challenge the traditional interpretation of Biblical prophecy exists. Earthquake Resurrection presents this thesis by looking at "natural" catastrophe in a way not seen before in prophecy books.

But let me back up.

Doesn't it feel sometimes like catastrophe has a mind of its own, intentionally saving itself for the most inopportune time? Take for instance the other day. There I was, enjoying a little CHRISTmas time with the family, bouncing the grandbaby on my knee and heading into the new year feeling just fine, when out of the blue the manager of the conference grounds where I'd been conducting charity reconstruction over the last seven years calls to let me know that the side of the mountain [not too far from Three Sisters mountain range in Oregon where an ancient volcano is awakening] had fallen onto the property, burying some of the assets, vehicles, and a building.

So... just like that, the vacation was over, time to go back to work, raise some more money, build morale among the troops, forget the holidays. 

But as I was preparing to make my way back to the camp, I received an email from author David Lowe, wanting to know if I had reviewed his book, Earthquake Resurrection. I explained to David that his title--together with a pile of others I was supposed to be reviewing--was sitting on a "review" counter back at the office and that the Jefferson County Sheriff--a BIG country boy you don't mess with, a guy we refer to around here as Robocop--wasn't letting anybody near the building, given the instability of the slope.

David understood the situation, and emailed me a PDF version of the book so that in my spare time [ha!] I  could began reading it.

I agreed, but soon after, was not sure I had made the right decision. The little burp on the side of my mountain was feeling small in comparison to what Lowe was forecasting, and the earth changes along the Three Sisters volcanic range nearby was taking on a portentous feel in light of his research. My thoughts drifted to the ominous Yellowstone supervolcano system, ruptures of the New Madrid and San Andreas fault zones, Mount St. Helen’s behaving erratically, Mauna Loa growling, Cumbre Vieja shaking off the coast of Africa, Mount Belinda erupting on one side of the world while simultaneously Mount Augustine was going off at the other pole, and I wondered, what's up?

David had an answer, and It troubled me. The earth is reacting to, or perhaps preparing for, the opening of the Sixth Seal of the Book of Revelation, following the first five seals, which, according to Lowe, have already opened. Thus earthquakes, such as have never been seen before, or ever will again, are about to transpire.

This is where Lowe really gets going. And I have to admit, as a twenty-five year veteran of theological review, I had never contemplated the interesting premise Lowe eventually puts forth. Frankly, I wish I had invented the hypothesis. I'm tempted to steal it anyway, to report it as my own, it's that creative.

The "Rapture of the Church," Lowe says--an advent that some people believe will mark the disappearance of a large group of Christians worldwide during a single and unexpected harpazo--will unleash global earthquake activity and related catastrophic weather events as were prophesied in the Bible. This will compliment scientific reasoning because when humans are "resurrected" or changed from mortal to immortal, the restructuring metamorphoses of the body at the atomic and subatomic level unleashes nuclear power. The explanation for such phenomenon is understood within science, whereas the biblical pattern for the theory is redundantly recorded in the scriptures during such times as the resurrection of Matthew 27:51-52, again when Christ Himself arose, and during the resurrection of the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Other equally thought-provoking and original ideas continue throughout Lowe's excellently researched book, and the author's writing style is clever and easy to follow--a truly insightful argument that in the end possesses broad eschatological and historical significance.

Even if you disagree with Lowe's "rapture" theme, you'll find persuasive reasons to prepare for an imminent event, one that is certain to bring down much more than the side of the mountain behind my campground.

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On “Earthquake Resurrection”


   * David Lowe’s Web Site

©2006 Thomas Horn – All Rights Reserved

Thomas Horn is a nationally recognized lecturer, author, and businessman who has served over 25 years in Christian ministry. A veteran speaker, researcher, and freelance writer, Tom is in demand as an expert on the topic of UFOs and Biblical History and has appeared on radio and television programs worldwide, including Art Bell's "Coast to Coast" and Pat Robertson’s "The 700 Club." Tom’s highly endorsed but controversial novel – The Ahriman Gate - fictionalizes the role of UFOs and the Nephilim in the End Times.

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